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Tarot is a symbolic tool which allows us to easyly to reach the underlying motives in our daily behaviors, therefore it is ideal to help us live according to our true impulses.

Please note, I do not use it for predictive purposes. 

I do not use Tarot as part of the BET, unless the situation calls for it (rarely) and the customer agrees to it.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Two types of readings:

1) Direct questions

Why do I have a conflict with this person?

A: There are some tasks you can take care of for yourself but you are demanding the other person to do them.​ (*Sometimes the answers are simple but quite hard to accept by the querent*)​​

How can I improve my creativity?

You have been distracting yoursef to avoid feeling a deep pain. You need to sit with it and creativity will blossom.

Where does this rage come from? 

You have canceled a date when you actually wanted to go. 

2) Your skills, where you are at in life and next step forward

There are times when we are not able to see what prevents us from moving forward. In those cases, a general reading will show us where the stumbling block is, as well as the big picture of your life and where you have to move towards.

Usos del tarot introspectivo/terapéutico

  • Para hacer consciente el subconsciente.

  • Para tirar de responsabilidad personal. 

  • Desenmarañar líos mentales y para llegar a la coherencia.

  • Se llega tan profundo como queramos, dependiendo de cómo de abiertos estamos.

I wanted to do a Tarot session for a long time and luckily Maria crossed my path. I decided to do it and I found it super interesting, it clarified some doubts and helped me see other things clearly.

For me it was a very good experience and above all I felt very comfortable with Maria's sensitivity. Highly recommended. Thank you.



Sometimes life puts special people in our path. Thanks to this session, you helped me to see things in a different way and to know where to start to put my life in order. Thank you!.


I had a tarot session with María because I wanted to discover what was holding  me back from learning to dance (something I really wanted). Maria helped me understand the hidden reasons why I didn't take the classes. made me see that the way I wanted to learn (online) was not what I needed at that moment. And it reaffirmed what I felt: I needed to go outside and be in contact with nature. In this way, I stopped feeling guilty for not dancing. And I enjoyed a new activity: Going for a run. I recommend these sessions with María to all people who want to discover what is behind your blockages.



¿Para qué no uso el Tarot?

  • Predicciones.

  • Preguntas sobre otras personas.

  • Nada de espíritus o magias.

  • Salud. 

Reserva una sesión:

Duración: 1 hora

Precio:  45€

Online via Skype o Zoom

Envíame un correo para escoger fecha y hora. 

El pago es previo a la cita y sirve como confirmación de la misma. 

Métodos de pago:


Bizum: +34 650056101

Transferencia bancaria: ES53 0073 0100 5107 8487 9905

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