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Feeling your body: the result

Living in the body, and these are the effects:

  • Feel your feelings, instead of analysing them.

  • Release physical tension, instead of accumulating it.

  • Accept yourself as you are. 

  • Being able to manage your emotions as your body needs it, and by doing so, allow yourself to flow with life.

  • In short, to be able to live and experience your current and real time emotions, as opposed to living in the past.


More energy

  • When we go through trauma and/or stressful situations, the emotions remain stored in our bodies. Often times, no matter how much we treat the traumatic episode, we are left with the need to keep looking into it, which means something is not resolved. Through this therapy you can drop that load and live without feeling that you are constantly dragging a dead weight.


Cry again - effectively -

  • Some people are not capable of crying. When life hurts so much and repeatedly, we end up creating a shell that does not allow us to connect with our sadness on a bodily level. Consequently, we cry no more.

  • Other people resolve this disconnection in a different way: yes, they are capable of crying but they do it mentally. This causes endless crying, which often ends in headaches and, most importantly, provides no relief. Connecting with the body is the solution in both these cases.


Solve complicated situations

  • Our bodies give us answers, not our heads. But the moment we start to analyze from all angles, we hit a block and we don't even know what we want. By being grounded in our bodies, anwers come easily and naturally. Being grounded in the body also gives us the necessary strength to follow through with the subsequent steps.

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Body&Emotion therapy allows us to connect with our body to reach the emotions trapped there, feel them and release them. During the process the client gradually gets closer to their deepest emotions. There is something certain, however, and that is that in each session the client will learn something about themselves. ​


Body&Emotion therapy uses several techniques, the main one being bioenergetics. Constellations and movement therapy are also used. Each of them is very useful by itself, and combined they allow the person to improve their quality of life and to gain control over their emotional health. ​


Sessions are online. They are as intimate and effective as an in-person session and give you the confidence of being in a familiar environment. ​


If you want to know a bit about me, I share here how this therapy helped me.

Reserva una cita:

Duración: 1 hora

Sesión suelta: 60€

Pack de 5 sesiones: 275€ (55€/sesión)

Pack de 10 sesiones: 500€ (50€/sesión)

Las sesiones son online, via Skype o Zoom.

Envíame un correo para escoger fecha y hora. 

El pago es previo a la cita y sirve como confirmación de la misma. 

Métodos de pago:


Bizum: +34 650056101

Transferencia bancaria: ES53 0073 0100 5107 8487 9905


Para saber si ésto es para ti, ofrezco una sesión de valoración gratuita. ​

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