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My road to Body&Emotion Therapy

I was exhausted. Not very tired, not drained: I was done. For years, my days consisted of me dragging myself through life. Physically, mentally and emotionally, I had nothing left, only the strength that is hidden in some loophole of the soul which pushes us to live.

In that precise moment, I met a man and we had an eith month relationship. He became psychologically abusive very soon. It was easy: my mental and emotional conditions were ripe for the picking and he came with the intention of subjugating me, because -as I learned later- he was a criminal and he had an agenda. When we were 3 months into the relationship I made the decision to kick him out of my life for good, but it took me 5 months to achieve it because he was not willing to leave and I defended myself quite poorly.

After this abusive relationship ended I was left emotionally broken and empty. I felt nothing except a lot of fear. I couldn't feel anger, sadness, pain... let alone any good emotion. I was emotionally numb. And there I discovered that everything I had previously learned was of no use to me. All those self-help mental constructs were worthless, they had no effect because everything that was in the mind stayed there, and I needed to access my feelings that were the source of my strength and my grounding in this world.

I tried breathing therapy, and it helped somewhat but only for as long as the therapy lasted.
I went back to the psychologist, but regardless of how much I talked to her
 and how much my self-understanding increased my symptoms remained the same: a lot of pain throughout my body, very tense shoulders, I had no energy, I couldn't think clearly, I had anxiety, insomnia, a lot of fear and a closed heart.
So I searched the internet and Body&Emotion Therapy came up. I signed for it and little by little I started reconnecting with my body and the results arrived: I was able to live a life with sensations and emotions again. I got rid of pain and more that you can read about here.

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